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What is the difference between a gentle class, and a strong class?

  • The gentle class is a more meditative practice with movement patterns that gently open the body. We have fewer poses and hold them for longer, cultivating an attitude of curiosity towards how our body responds to the different shapes. It is a subtler physical practice where we rarely do a downward facing dog. Suitable if you are a beginner or prefer a slower, softer pace of practice.

  • The strong class is a more physical practice and features poses that are designed to build strength. We look to challenge the body by bearing more weight in our joints, and through repetitions of sequences which include poses like downward facing dog and plank. Working these stronger stronger poses can generate more heat in the body. Suitable if you have some yoga experience, or looking develop strength.

What should I wear/bring to practice?

  • Wear clothes that you feel comfortable exercising in - most people wear a top and tights/trackies/shorts. Layers that you can peel off and on can be a good idea in colder weather;

  • Yoga is done in bare feet (no socks either as it can be slippery on the mat). Shoes that you can slip in and out of can be useful;

  • Please bring your own mat (available at sporting goods stores and online). A thicker mat, greater than 5mm will provide more padding for your body particularly your joints

How do I find the hall?

  • We practice in the school hall at Annandale North Public School. It is the most northerly building on the grounds. The gate will be unlocked 20 mins prior to class starting.

  • Entry is via the main gate on 206 Johnston St.  Go through the gate and past the concrete staircase and you will see a smaller gate on the right. Go through this smaller gate and over the basketball court. Entry to the hall is on the other side of the court;

  • Please arrive early (about 10 mins prior to start) if it is your first time. This will give you a chance to check in and for us to have a chat about your experience, pre-existing conditions; any other concerns. 

What payment options are available?

  • Please book and pay for classes online in the interests of adhering to Covid-19 guidelines

What flexibility do you offer with passes?

  • Class passes can be used across all classes

  • Class passes are valid for 6 months from purchase (note we break over school holidays, check current term dates here)

Can I practice if I am pregnant?

  • Yes, although be aware that these classes are not pre natal classes and you may feel limited by the practice on offer (e.g. having to avoid certain poses involving twists, lying on the belly or back) . If you are comfortable modifying the practice you will be fine, however;

  • I generally recommend that pre natal yoga classes are preferable given it will be geared towards your condition (happy to provide referrals to nearby prenatal classes).

Are there people for whom these classes are not apropriate?

  • Yes, this is a public class so we are limited to the degree to which a practice can be tailored for individual requirements. Those with chronic conditions should seek advice from qualified health professionals as to whether a public yoga class is the way to go. If you are unsure, please send through an email and we can work out whether these classes will be beneficial for you, or whether I can refer you to teachers I know who may be better able to serve your needs. I believe that yoga can always help, but we do need to be careful about how it is applied.

What concessions are available

  • Concession prices are available for full time Students, Pensioners/Seniors, Low income earners/unemployed

  • Concessions are available as a single drop in, or for 10-class passes

  • Please email through your proof of concession to after purchase.

Can I claim health fund rebates for yoga classes?

  • In April 2019, yoga (among a group of 16 natural therapies) was excluded from private health insurance cover by the federal government. There is currently a 2019-20 review under way to look at additional evidence in relation to these excluded natural therapies but no findings have been released yet. As such you cannot claim health fund rebates for yoga classes. More detail here.

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