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"I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years and Anne is one of the best teachers I’ve encountered. She’s highly professional but also creates a wonderfully welcoming atmosphere in the class - and teaches to all levels. Thoroughly recommended!” Rebecca, Annandale 


“Anne’s practice not only improves my strength and flexibility but the elements of mindfulness help me manage the stress of year 12.” Rosa, 17 years, Annandale

"Thanks for creating space for a lovely class and helping me to build my confidence. You did wonderful things for my mind and body xo" Sherridan


"I just wanted to thank you for the last 3 terms. I have really enjoyed the Monday night practice. I was surprised at my improvement, physically I noticed I was stronger, more flexible, [and] I could calm down and switch off far easier. The ability to switch off is something I have always struggled with, so this is a great achievement for me." Cindy


"Thanks again for your great classes." Lucie


"I’m really looking forward to returning to yoga next week. Plan to be at every class!!" Sarah  

- Term 2, 2018 students


"I have really enjoyed getting back into yoga and I will certainly take up the offer for term 2" PF


"I'd love to come back next term" TL


"I have been enjoying Monday night yoga immensely. I would love to roll over to next term" CL


"You're a fantastic teacher and I loved your class" FP


"The yoga session was wonderful. i want to learn the movements to enjoy them more and see what this might shift within" CK


"I am absolutely loving your classes, it has taken me a long time to get into Yoga because I just can't seem to get my head in the place my body needed, but I am loving your approach." KG


"Anne I am really loving Saturday mornings. I wouldn’t change a thing!" SB

- Term 1, 2018 students


"I have been attending Anne’s Inner West Yoga classes for 5 months now and look forward to them every week.

Anne has a wonderful gentle and meditative voice which settles you into your practice as soon as you enter the hall, making you forget about the day or week’s stresses. Anne is very informative with her pose descriptions and intentions, making them easy to transition and flow through smoothly.

After each class I feel refreshed, ready to continue on with my day and feel good about myself for taking the time out for myself to enjoy mindful stretch in Anne’s class. I highly recommend attending Inner West Yoga classes whether you are a beginner or advanced yogi."

- Melitza, Annandale

“Yoga with Anne is always something I look forward to.  Her classes are relaxed but engaging, with different poses to challenge us each week.  She is highly skilled and knowledgeable and very attentive to individuals, always willing to provide her guidance and support. I find that attending yoga classes on a regular (or sometimes irregular!) basis is a very useful supplement to my other physical activities.”


- Danielle, Rozelle

"Your Monday classes are exactly the kind of yoga classes we've been looking for. They have such a lovely, friendly and accessible vibe to them. We always leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated for the week ahead. We've never looked more forward to a Monday night now that we can go to Inner West Yoga!"

- Alice, Annandale


"My body feel better than it has all year after being so stiff and sore...I slept SOOOOOOO well after last night's class and despite being woken by the alarm, was in a great mood today.  😁
Looking forward to next term. I love your classes! ❤️️

- Monique, Forest Lodge


"Anne is a great teacher and I love her classes!".

- Barbara, Annandale


"A well organised group and the yoga is gentle but it is still a good level of challenge so you feel great coming out."

- Jacqui, Stanmore


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